Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Comes But Once A Year. Unfortunately, It Was Last Week.

Faithful reader FD13NYC and friends (see if you can guess which one he is -- I'm not telling, for obvious reasons) perform a selection of your holiday favorites (starting with the Fabs' charmer) in what might best be described as vintage Cable Access style.

As today's title suggests, I had meant to post this earlier, but my incipient senility intervened. Anyway, enjoy, despite the fact there are no New Years Day specific songs involved.


The Phantom Creep said...

That's adorable!!!

Faze said...

We have aged into a generation of decrepit old fools, redeemed only by our loyalty to the cruel and evanescent goddess of pop, who shed her glory upon us for an all-too brief moment (1954-1969), then abruptly fled, leaving us to clutch after her departing skirts with arthritic, string-calloused fingers, calling to her with croaking (though still beautifully harmonizing) voices, our minds echoing with song, and our hearts forever broken by these few minutes of irrecoverable bliss. And so, still strumming, still warbling, still posturing and dreaming ... to the grave.

steve simels said...

You haven't heard the song I'm working on currently -- "Rock 'n' Roll Nursing Home.

"Baby, take a ride on my Craftmatic bed...."