Monday, January 03, 2011

In the Future, Everyone Will Be On the Radio For Fifteen Minutes

And in my case, that happens to be this evening, shortly after 11:15 pm EST.

I'll be a guest caller to Virtually Speaking, featuring Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerilla -- the woman who introduced the phrase "hippie-punching" to the language during a recent presser with Obama administration spokesweasel David Axelrod -- and Phildelphia Daily News writer Will Bunch, Pulitzer prize-winning author of the definitive study of the Reagan administration Tear Down This Myth.

Oddly enough, we probably won't be talking about politics -- apparently, Will is a fan of PowerPop and wants to discuss what we like to call semi-popular music. Go figure.

Anyway, the show streams over here -- if you're up and sleepless later this evening, give it a listen.


Faze said...

I like "semi-popular music" as a synonym for "power pop". Look forward to hearing this show.

steve simels said...

It's a phrase coined by Robert Christgau to describe pretty much anything rock critics like that doesn't sell many records.

MJConroy said...


Music for tween truck drivers!

Shriner said...

Ask Will if he thinks "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice" is power-pop or not!

TMink said...

It gives me great joy to hear that we both consider Axelrod a feckless weasel.