Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Opening Sentence That Didn't Make Me Want to Read Further

My old critical colleage John McPartlin alerts me to the fact that legendary Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau just awarded Dud of the Month status to Midlake's "The Trials of Van Occupanther" in an online review that begins with the following gnomic pronouncement:

The prestige of this conjunction of pomo prog, alt-country, fantasy fiction and video-game narrativity is the silliest proof yet of how jaded indie's tastebuds have become, with candied cannabis and lark's wings in aspic impending.

Hmm. Apparently the old boy has been gumming a few shrooms along with his Metamucil.


Anonymous said...

Simels -
OT - The J. Airplane re-issue is on Legacy, and it's live from the Fillmore East, 1969. (Seemingly right up yer alley, which is probably why I thought that the tip came from you.) It rocks. Raise your hand if you're a hippie! :)
-bill buckner

Anonymous said...

OT, but you might enjoy this:

steve simels said...

Bill Buckner, anonymous --

Thanks for both tips! I'll check em out...