Saturday, June 16, 2007

News from Shoes

From my sporadic correspondent Jeff Murphy, I get a whole boatload of excellent Shoes news.
Lots going on on the frontlines for SHOES. We've actually been quite busy lately. We just finished a new track for a Cheap Trick benefit/tribute CD due out on Fastlane Records later this summer. It's the first new SHOES recording in over 12 years! We've also got a couple of tunes coming out on an Australian Power Pop compilation due in November on Shock Records (the Too Late demo and If You'd Stay from BVS).

I've also been busy working on the press for Cantilever as well as the newly released, Double Exposure. Lots to do, so little time. There's a review of Cantilever in the new (June) issue of HARP magazine. You can read it (complete with typo) here. Also, Electronic Musician is doing a piece in the August issue. I also did an interview for Goldmine and they're scheduled to run a review and the interview but I don't know when.

I'm working on a budget-priced instrumental version of the album, just for something different. Some of the songs have a "jingle" feel to them.

SHOES has also been asked to play our first gig in over 4 years at Millenium Park in downtown Chicago, Illinois. We're still hammering out the details, but it would be Friday, Aug. 10th at 4:30pm. We'll see how that develops.

So, do any sugar daddies out there want to spot me the price of a round-trip ticket from Burlington, VT to Chicago?


steve simels said...

I'm sure a certain Windy City daughter of Sappho would be happy to put you up.

Phila said...


Don't know if any of you (Kid C?) remember the Embarrassment, a pop-punk band from Kansas. I used to like 'em a bunch back in the day...recently stumbled on a couple of videos of 'em playing in 1981, and thought they might interest you.

I'm a Don Juan

Celebrity Art Party

Kid Charlemagne said...

Hi Phila!

Thanks for the link!

I have their 2 CD "Heyday" comp which I dig a lot! Very cool to see them in action. They are a great band. They sorta look like the Feelies, but unlike the Feelies, they rock! Cheers! Kid C.

shrimplate said...

The ferry goes to Chicago?!