Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Drugs Aren't Working Anymore

Proving that the 60s were, among other things, The Golden Age of Fatuous Pronouncements, we offer The Association and their immortal really silly "Requiem for the Masses".

Embarrassing confession: At the time this was first broadcast, I actually took both song and group seriously.


virgotex said...

I think a bit of "Along Comes Mary" beforehand might help one 'Cherish' the experience

(rest assured, I'm deeply ashamed by my own lameness)

btw, mr simels, nicely played in the great Onion Ring Vagina massacree yesterday

steve simels said...

Re: Alhouse -- thanks!

As for the Association, I actually really dig most of their hits. I was just being snarky about this one for...oh, I just felt like being snarky.

dave™© said...

You realize they opened the Monterey Pop Festival with "Along Comes Mary," right?

But the Beach Boys weren't "cool" enough for the venue... riiiiiiiight...

emma said...

We saw what was left of the Association during a nostalgia tour in the late 80's - Valentine's Day in Santa Ana, CA at the Galaxy Dinner Theater. The only thing older and mustier than the band was the theater itself. There'd been serious water damage to the carpet. We haven't been back to that venue since.