Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fluff & Falafel

Moving off of Steve's note in his last post.

Then imagine if I had written an equivalent sentence in, let's say, 1966. To wit -- "The Monkees biggest hit, I'm a Believer, has become one of this decade’s defining pop songs: a glorious blast of bubblegum exuberance."

Apparently, Bill O'Reilly, noted rock critic, has taken the torch from Steve and is lobbying for the inclusion of The Monkees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

First of all, Davy Jones wasn't the lead singer, or only a small proportion of the time.

Second, they toured with Jimi Hendrix, but he left the tour because the Monkees' adolescent fans didn't get him.

And third, "legitimate," in a post-Beatles environment, meant writing your own songs and playing your own instruments, Davy.

Fourth, O'Reilly says he didn't even like them.

I like The Monkees, I do. And since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is basically a marketing and tourist device, I don't see why they should be kept out. But O'Reilly's chief reasoning, which seems to be record sales, should not be the deciding factor. It's not all about money.


trifecta said...

The Monkees were amusing. There have been worse artists out there. Because they were the proto Spice Girls type marketing experiment it is held against them personally, which is really not their fault as individuals.

steve simels said...

The best part of that clip is at the end when O'Reilly tells Davy "I'm gonna help make it happen for you."

As always, O'Reilly is convinced of his godlike power. Remember how he personally impacted the French economy?

Kid Charlemagne said...

I find this very puzzling. I always thought Bill was a big Banana Splits fan.