Friday, June 15, 2007

Hope You Have a Couple of Hours

because trademark dave has hipped me to Wolfgang's Concert Vault, where you can listen for free and pay to download some truly amazing concerts. Just off the top of my head, I'm curious about:
Nils Lofgren
Record Plant - 10/31/1975

Electric Light Orchestra
Winterland - 02/14/1976

Bruce Springsteen
Berkeley Community Theater - 03/02/73

The Who
Fillmore East - 04/06/1968

Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Winterland - 06/07/1978

Damn, I love the Internets.

Extra plus: Wolfgang says, "Based upon all the information that is available to us, we believe that performers can earn between four and six times more from Wolfgang’s Vault per download than they currently receive from their record companies. In a well publicized dispute between performers and major record labels, the performers state that they typically earn only $.045 per downloaded song – less than 5% of the total per song download price.

The Wolfgang’s Vault agreement pays the performer significantly more, remits the money much faster and gives the performer the tools to review download sales activity in real-time."

Good on you!


Kid Charlemagne said...

The Internet is like giving a music lover the proverbial "key to the candy shop!"

Kid Charlemagne said...


The Bongos - 08/31/1983 Columbia University

dave™© said...

Hey, thanks for the tip-o-the-hat!

I was gonna mention that Nils Lofgren show to you - it's great! Most of these shows were originally broadcast by the great FM rocker KSAN in SF, and then they'd add individual songs to their normal programming. They used to play "Back It Up," "Keith Don't Go" and "Goin' Back" constantly!

BTW, that Elvis show is the first Elvis show I ever attended - his second tour. Mink deVille (!) and Nick Lowe (w/Dave Edmunds and Rockpile) opened. Elvis dedicates "I'm Not Angry" to KSAN.

steve simels said...

That Nila Lofgren show is the all time to die for.

A&M actually sent it out as a legit bootleg to radio and critics.


AS I think Bud Scoppa said at the time,
Nils was the last innocent in rock.

Gorgeous show....

dave™© said...

A&M actually sent it out as a legit bootleg to radio and critics.

I'd forgotten that... I used to haunt the record shops looking for it.

dave™© said...

Hey, Steverino - they've got a couple of Procul Harum shows over there, too.

And these Rolling Thunder shows look interesting...

steve simels said...

Rockpile at the Bottom Line.

The night Keith Richards was acquitted from his drug charge and showed up to jam on "Let It Rock."

steve simels said...

The Who
Fillmore East - 04/06/1968

I was at that show.