Thursday, June 28, 2007

Diamonds in the Rough

This is installment 1,276,101 in the series "Wow! Is THAT on YouTube??"

Here's a clip of the legendary 60s Aussie punk/freakbeat group The Black Diamonds performing their psych gem (pun intended) I Want, Need, Love You. 60s garage simply does not get much better than this.

I was about to recommend that you to pick up a copy of the indispensable comp of Aussie garage/punk/psych Ugly Things, but sadly, it appears to be out of print at the moment. Those of you with money to burn can pick up a copy here.

Freak Out Mates!!


steve simels said...

Great clip. Not sure if I've ever heard of the band -- are they on Rhino's second NUGGETS box? If I recall, there were a bunch of obscure Australian and New Zealand bands represented.

Of course, the song reminds me of Lester Bangs quip that most of the 60s punk stuff was sung and performed by virgins desperate to hide their total lack of experience of sex.

Kid Charlemagne said...

No, these guys didn't make that box set, but a tune by Elois did ("By My Side") which was on the "Ugly Things" comp I was talking about.

Those collections conclusively prove that Australia produced punk/garage/psych/R&B equal to or better than anything done in the US or UK.

steve simels said...

Hey, I'm one of those people who think the Easybeats are fricking gods.