Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another (And They're Beginning to Be Really Annoying) Early Clue to the New Direction!

From 1962, please enjoy The Tornado's Joe Meek-produced proto-electronica space age instrumental smash hit -- and reputedly Margaret Thatcher's favorite pop record ever -- "Telstar."

As reimagined with typical understated brilliance in a short video directed by the great Alan Smithee.

Okay, that's really lame, but I was stuck for a joke.

In any case, as always, a coveted PowerPop No-Prize will be awarded the first reader to glean its relevance to the theme of tomorrow's Weekend Listomania.


Gummo said...

2 guesses:

- songs that reference outer space?


- songs that feature electronic sounds (i.e., not just amplified instruments)?

steve simels said...


Libby Spencer said...

If Gummo gets 2 guesses, I'll take two as well.

Songs about the wind.


Songs that feature long instrumentals.

steve simels said...

No and no!

Hey, this is fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Best song by someone who ended his/her own life?

Nora Charles said...

I'll take two:

Songs about space flotsam?
Songs by bands whose names were neologisms?

geor3ge said...

Songs that were criminally misunderstood by politicians?

steve simels said...

Here's a hint.

It's in the title.

Dave said...

Songs that invoke the heavens?


midnight caller said...

Song titles that you can anagram into another word (Telstar - Startle)?

TMink said...

Songs that got ripped off by the boss to make Born To Run?

Songs with the word star somewhere in the title.


NYMary said...

I'm with Trey: star songs.

steve simels said...

Dave said...


Close enough, you bastid.

Your coveted PowerPop No-Prize is headed your way via otter caravan as we speak.