Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Born Too Late

Story of my freaking life. The 9YO, who has become completely boneless in front of the Cartoon Network this summer, has introduced me to this ridiculous thing: The Impossibles.

Any memories of this stuff? It seems like the kind of thing college students in the late 60s would get baked to watch.

And me, all I got was Mannequin 2. (Fast forward to 4:41 to see why.)


The Phantom Spitter said...

Electric Boogaloo!!!!

steve simels said...

BTW -- the narrator in the clip is the late great Paul Frees. Voice of Boris Badenov, among countless other cool credits.

Meander said...

I remember The Impossibles well. Is the 9YO watching Boomerang? - because they don't show this stuff on Cartoon Network any more!