Monday, August 24, 2009

I Wanna Know About the Mystery Dance

From I have no idea when, please enjoy The Blade -- whoever they are -- and their terrific and I guess vaguely punkish(?) single "We Won't Sleep Tonight."

Seriously -- I have no idea who these guys are/were or when specifically this record was made. My good friend David Klein, who does business over at Merry Swankster, turned me on to it a few months ago, and he doesn't know its provenance either, except that he got it through his illegal file-sharing network and "it was in a folder that said something like 'check this out, obscure late '60s type band...'"

From the drum sound, of course, we both decided it has to date from no earlier than the mid-80s, but beyond that -- no man can say, and Google has been absolutely no help.

Obviously, a coveted PowerPop No-Prize will be awarded to any reader who has any info that can help us track these guys down.


MJConroy said...

My google can beat up your google:

"Classic Rock’n’Soul band, formed in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1990.

From its beginning, it meant to take ahead the legacy of great names of Rock’n’Roll and Soul Music, adding an identity of its own, which meant to put together the strength of ‘60s and ‘70s Rock and the soulful moods and dancing grooves of the Black music from the same period. The final purpose has always been to create great songs and arrangements, with remarkable melodies, honest punch and a lot of feeling.

The influences and covered artists include The Who, The Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, The Band, The Beatles, Wilson Pickett, Neil Young, Iggy Pop and Bob Dylan, among many others."

David said...

File this under "Ask and Ye Shall Receive," eh Steve? Holy crap. I am impressed at MJConroy's research skills. Please contact the Library of Congress immediately!!

steve simels said...

They're fucking Brazilian?

I'm stunned.

And at your investigative skills, MJ --- consider your coveted PowerPop No-Prize, this one bronzed, en route to you by trained paramecium convoy as we speak.

David said...

Truly, Brazilian was NOT expected. The singer almost sounds like Roky Ericson, and he relishes the word 'fuck' like a champ (and a native speaker)...I'm amazed.