Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rock and Roll Love Letter (Part Deux)

As promised yesterday, here's the 1974 Tim Moore original.

Seems I erred on the availability of this one as well; the album it derives from, Behind the Eyes, is indeed available as an import over at Amazon, and unless you're a total schween, you'll get over there and order it ASAP.


Sal Nunziato said...

One of my favorites records evah! I thought there was a US reissue also. Wounded Bird label possibly.

Gummo said...


Certainly the least affected version of the song, which makes it the most fun version.

steve simels said...

BTW, isn't that the goddamn ugliest album cover you've ever seen?

I'm willing to bet Moore's career was derailed by art direction like that. It screams LA sensitive singer/songwriter who hangs out with JD Souther, rather than cool rock guy who plays all the instruments himself.

Gummo said...

To me it says "sensitive singer songwriter who's had the lower half of his face ripped off in a horrible accident, possibly at the beach."

But that's just me.

steve simels said...

I think you're on to something there, my friend.

Gummo said...

That cover also reminds me of a joke:

"My LA sensitive singer-songwriter has no nose!"

"No nose? How does he smell?"


(Okay, I'll stop now.)

Wendy said...

Oh, I dunno ... the cover is sorta Daliesque.

But it does scream "Sensitive New Age Man", I'll give you that.

And my word is Derriona ... isn't that a song by The Knack? :-)

Kid Charlemagne said...

Thanks Steve! This is great! Never heard the original! I will have to check the LP out!

Anonymous said...

Damn good one, Steve!


MBowen said...

This record was in cut-out bins all over Ithaca, and I never bought it largely because of the cover. Like you said, I figured it was a low-budget version of Dan Fogelburg.