Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun With Downloads: Rednecks on Acid

From 1970, please enjoy Terry Manning's kind-of-heavy take on Johnny Cash's 1959 rockabilly yet proto-power pop "Guess Things Happen That Way." From his splendid solo album Home Sweet Home.

You can, and definitely should, download it HERE.

Manning is an interesting guy who's produced or engineered everybody from Led Zeppelin to Shakira, but he started out as partners with Bobby Fuller, and more power pop than that you do not get, obviously. And I should add that the second guitarist on the song is none other than Chris Bell, of Big Star fame.

Anyway, a nice track, I think. And for purposes of comparison, here's Cash with the original. Note the teen screams from the audience.

Oh, and BTW, as always, if the clip has expired by the time you get to it, just e-mail me and I'll send you the mp3.


DeepKarma said...

This song kicks ASS...both the download and JC video. Thanks for passing it along!

ms. rosa said...

That is so funny, I just picked up Mojo magazine yesterday and this track was on the sample cd. First time I heard it I was hooked. I must have played it 18 times in a row. I wasn't even familiar with his name before then. And Chris Bell to boot! Dang, we got great taste! :P

steve simels said...

ms rosa:

I actually heard it on that mojo sampler too.

Lots of good stuff on that, actually...

Jeff said...

I am fascinated to hear the Terry Manning solo work, having only heard an old single. Unfortunately, the file is not available. The page has an error message:

"This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

This limit is reached.

To download this file, the uploader either needs to transfer this file into his/her Collector's Account, or upload the file again. The file can later be moved to a Collector's Account. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information."

Any chance you can make this available again. I just recently found your page via Not Lame's Bruce on Twitter. Keep up this great work?

compasspnt said...

Thanks everyone. I should respectfully point out that those of us in the Memphis power pop scene were neither rednecks, nor on acid (well, at least I wasn't ever, but maybe one or two were ;~)

And why download for free, when you can buy an download on iTunes, and support your favourite musicians?

Thanks again to all.