Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"...as Potent as a Warm Glass of Beer..."

Sorry, after yesterday, I just had to repost this.

From 1975, comic genius Albert Brooks sings the original censored lyrics to Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Unheard since the now standard concert piece was originally premiered at the Paris Opera in 1928.

Coming tomorrow -- the original deeply disturbing lyrics to Pachelbel's Canon.


Sal Nunziato said...

Can't believe I've gone my whole life without having ever heard that? Wow!

I wish his new book was even remotely as entertaining.

steve simels said...

That album is a stone work of genius.

I downloaded it from Never Get Out of the Boat years back, but he pulled the link. I'm pretty sure you can find it elsewhere, though.

Anonymous said...

God bless Albert Brooks. I hope he writes more novels. Sooner or later, he'll master that form, just like he did stand up, TV, LPs, and movies.